Renovation life is great (and slightly dusty), but the treasures we’ve found have made it all worth the while. History lessons aside,  we’ve come across a whole lot of interesting things and famous figures.

Take William Flavel for example – the founder of the Rangemaster cooker – who is buried just behind 1 Mill Street. 

Or how about the original Leamington Co Bricks that we managed to rescue from the original build knock-out and turn into a stunning feature wall. 

And let’s not not forget Tessa Beaver – a famous Print Maker, Painter and Illustrator – who is believed to have lived on Mill Street. Check out her print below ‘Lord Leycester’s Hospital, Warwick (1974)’. 

That’s only 20% of the story!

1 Mill Street was built in 1905 and has over 100 years worth of history. We can’t wait to dig deeper and uncover some more hidden gems.