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this is us

It's not everyday a walk in the park turns into a game-changing business idea. Huh? Nigel and Dessie merged their love of people and business. They set about creating a place for people to be at their very best, to work together, but most importantly, to 'do well and do good'. 

In 2018, the sale of their lovechild business Rant and Rave was in progress and the next phase of their journey was on the horizon. Little did they know, a walk in the park would lead them to Nigel's hometown of Leamington Spa–where he was born and bred. 

Make Good Grow was at the forefront of their mind when they spotted a big, beautiful, red brick building on the corner of Leam Terrace, opposite Jephson Gardens. 

Nigel and Dessie knew that a building with people in it could create magic. The kind of wizardry where locals could connect with like-minded people in a vibrant space and feel a sense of community right from the beginning - a coworking space.

It was a no-brainer. They viewed the building, fell in love and set about creating a haven for freelancers, digital creatives, start-ups, and businesses - a space for Leamington Spa's game-changers of today. 

1 Mill Street was born and the rest is history. 


Construction starts on 1 Mill Street.

Before the Mezzanine

1 Mill Street is born.

We open a coworking space one day before Bojo plunges the nation back into it's second lockdown.

1 Mill Street's first ever St Patrick's Day

Resident desk'r Aoife was on the Guinness at an un-reasonable hour and Cat tried her hand at Irish dancing.

After a seven day

After a seven day hiatus 1 Mill Street 2.0 lands. A new look coffeehouse and a bit of a brand refresh.

Our terrace

Our terrace became, well, a terrace. Just in time for the good weather.

The Urban Garden

The Urban Garden reopens to the public as COVID restrictions are lifted. The first time since November 2020.

You asked we delivered

The bar was raised at 1 Mill Street.

With restrictions eased

1 Mill Street is officially launched with our first live event 'Winning On Your Doorstep'.

We made it!

We were 1. Some might say we were crazy to open a coworking space in the middle of a pandemic. But we did it anyway.

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