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Podcast Studio

Introducing our Mill Street Studio

Podcast Studio

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Ready to be one step ahead of the game? Say hello to Mill Street Studios! Our production studio is designed to tell your stories on multiple platforms quickly, without technical barriers.

Here, you can create engaging podcasts, video recordings, film pitch-decks, adverts and everything in between. Plus, we've made it simple – it's as easy as pressing 2 buttons and you're recording both audio and video. 

In the studio you can:

  • Record up to 4 people with broadcast quality microphones
  • Capture HD video from 3 angles
  • Host and record video calls with any video conference platform on laptop or mobile
  • Stream live to Twitch, Facebook, Periscope and Restream.io

And includes a:

  • 4K TV to display remote guests

Book today by clicking the 'Book Now' link below.

If you've got any questions or want a tour of the studio and a quick run-through contact us here. 

First time booking? Please also contact us before you visit so we can arrange a quick 15-minute onboarding session to get you all set up – you'll be producing top-notch content in no time. 

opening times

  • 9am
  • 5pm

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